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#5. “Venetian Stories” by Jane Turner Rylands

Not bad for a collection of short stories... Country: Italy
I enjoyed almost all 12 stories in this book, and I liked how much of them interlock in some way or another. The descriptions of Venice made it come alive, and the different viewpoints encompassed a wide variety of people from a visitor to the city to the mayor. You could really tell that the author wanted you to see that the city's upper-class life was fading in most of the stories. However, I had some problems as well. About three of the stories I didn't really "get". They just seemed to make no sense whatsoever. I also found it odd she only wrote about four women, I had wished for more a balance there. Lastly, I often felt like the author was being condescending to the reader, which was a bit of a turnoff. Alright, but nothing great. 2/5
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