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#12. A Bone from a Dry Sea by Peter Dickinson     pgs.199      COUNTRY: AFRICA

Interesting ideas about our ancestors...


There are really two, very parallel, stories told in this book, and they are only separated by a couple of million years. In the present, a young teenager named Vinny has convinced her mother to let her spend summer vacation with her father in Africa. Her father, Sam, is working in an archeological site in Africa without much success. Vinny turns out to be his good luck charm. Flip back to the past and we see a teenager called Li that is half-ape, half-human that thinks way beyond her time. Each chapter goes back and forth between past and present. A couple of times I was lost in the paleontology talk and the present storyline was a bit boring, but I liked the author's way of describing the past storyline. 2/5


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