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24. The Endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig pgs. 243 COUNTRY:POLAND/RUSSIA
WWII from a different perspective…
It’s during 1942 when little Esther Rudomin’s life changes forever. A resident of Poland, who lived a comfortable life with her parents and extended family, Esther, along with her father, mother and grandparents are arrested by the Russians, suspected of being “capitalists” and ripped from their home. They are piled into cattle cars, their destination unknown. When the train finally stops, they realize they are in the harsh region of Siberia. For the next long five years, Esther recounts the struggles her family go through for food, clothing and shelter. We also see how Esther tries to fit in as a young teenager in the Siberian society. I found the book opened my eyes to an event I knew nothing about, while at the same time revealing to me the Siberian way of life during WWII.3/5
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