Caffyolay (caffyolay) wrote in worldlit,

New here

Hello, I'm new here. I'm English, a grandma, and I'm addicted to reading all kinds of books - travel, SciFi, fantasy, historical novels, ghost stories, modern novels.

I've just finished Take Me With You by Brad Newsham. The author is a Taxi driver from San Francisco who decides to take 100 days to visit various countries that he's always wanted to see: The Philippines, India, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. He also has a wish to give one person that he meets along the way a free four week holiday in the USA. The book is the story of his journey. It's beautifully written, I found it amusing, brutally honest (especially about India), adventurous and moving. I couldn't put it down and was very sorry when it came to an end.

Would rate it 5/5
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