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Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

 Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt    COUNTRY:IRELAND

  You will connect with the main character...

   When most immigrants come to America from Ireland, they don’t return. Frank McCourt’s family did. After finding conditions in NYC less than desirable, especially when you have an alcoholic father who can’t hold down a job, Frankie, who was born in America, and his family return to Ireland. His memoir of a family trying to survive during extreme poverty as he grows up is quite moving. However, for some strange reason, I felt the film, of the same name, did a better job of portraying Frankie’s experience to me. Perhaps it had something to do with the author’s style, which I sort of disliked. If you don’t see the film, then you should read the book. And I really want to see what happens in the sequel, for you did really start to care for young Frankie and want to see if he will make it. 2/5

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