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#9 & #10

#9. “Dust” by Arthur Slade

A Sci-Fi Mystery...                               Country: Canada

During the Great Depression, Robert’s younger brother Matthew disappears from a small dusty prairie community in Saskatchewan, after Robert refuses to walk into town with him. Plagued with guilt, Robert finds himself at first drawn to the new stranger in town, Abram Harsich, who claims he can help the town’s dry spell by building a “rainmill.” However, as the rest of the townspeople fall under Abram’s spell, Robert and his Uncle Alden seem to be the only ones who think that Abram isn’t who he says he is. More children start to disappear and eventually Robert starts to piece together the mystery. The premise of the book was interesting, but all the supernatural elements were kind of strange. And the ending was just unfulfilling. 2/5

#10. “Drown” by Junot Diaz

Nice guy, poor collection...                    Country: Dominican Republic

In this collection of ten stories, the narrator is a young Dominican Republic boy who grows up with his father in America and is waiting for him to send for the rest of the family. The stories explore everything from his parents’ marriage falling apart to interracial dating. However, I disliked the style of stories going back and forth in time, it was confusing, and sometimes it took it a while to tell if we were in America or the Dominican Republic still, or how old the narrator was, I liked how the author used Spanish words thrown in to the story; it helped it sound more realistic. However, his spare style bugged me. I got to meet the author, and he read us a story from another collection, which I liked a lot better. 1/5

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