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The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn by Robin Maxwell pgs. 231
Great historical fiction, must read more!
This was my first reading of one of Robin Maxwell’s books, and I must say it won’t be my last. I already can’t wait to read the next two! However, I’m getting ahead of myself. This novel moves back and forth in time from Queen Elizabeth in the present, to her mother, Anne Boleyns’, life in the past. Elizabeth is presented with a diary that Anne kept, which chronicles her life right up to very end. Apparently, it was Anne’s wish that eventually Elizabeth would read her writings. Elizabeth finds any time she can to sit down and get a glimpse into her mother’s life. It’s also an escape for her, for in the present she is advised to marry quickly and stop her relationship with Robin Dudley, which is deemed inappropriate. Elizabeth gets to know the parents she never really knew, and uses lessons her mother learned in her current affairs. The writing is detailed, and brings you into both women’s lives. And the author never makes the mistake of confusing the reader by not clearly separating the two stories. A recommendation for historical fiction fans. 4/5
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