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54. Jennifer Government by Max Barry    pgs.320        COUNTRY:Mainly AUSTRALIA

Interesting idea, but quite confusing at parts....

In this story of the near future, American companies have taken over most of the world. You take the last name of your employer. You want a crime solved? You’ll get billed directly from the government. In this strange screwed-up world lives the equally messed-up cast of characters including Jennifer Government to Hack Nike to those two John Nikes that I kept confusing! Hack Nike is approached by the John Nikes to sign a contract to help with marketing their new line of sneakers. Only after does Hack realize he has agreed to help set off Nike’s Mercury campaign, which involves shooting Mercury-buyers to up Nike’s “street cred.” Hack goes running to the cops, but the cops in this world think he wants help…in hiring someone to do the killings for him. Enter the rest of the cast: Violet, Hack’s computer whiz girlfriend; Billy NRA, a supposed trained assassin; Buy Mitsui, a stockbroker; and Jennifer Government, whose on a personal quest to nail one of the John Nikes. While the author’s idea was very original, and I liked the shifting views from chapter to chapter, I sometimes found myself so confused I would have to read several chapters over. I think the fewer times you break off from reading, the better in keeping all the companies straight. 3/5


56. Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman  by Eleanor Updale        pgs.233   COUNTRY:ENGLAND

Great first novel!

Meet Montmorency. A criminal serving time for a burglary that almost killed him, Montmorency is hated among the other prisoners because of frequent trips out of the prison. Robert Farcett, the young doctor that saved Montmorency after his near-fatal burglary, regularly takes him to lecture halls around Victorian London to show off his medical expertise. It is at one of these lectures that Montmorency hears about the new sewage system and an idea forms in his head.  Before long, Montmorency is conjuring up a plan to use the underground network to help him with his burglaries, but he needs a partner…or does he? This novel had great style and characterization. The story was gripping as well. I heard Montmorency is coming back in a sequel. I can’t wait. 4/5


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